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OUR philosophY

We utilize our creativity and ability to work efficiently to guarantee a return on your investment. Responding to client needs and knowing how to reach the target audience are the two foundations at the heart of the collaboration.


Through the rise of new technologies in the digital age, video content has become the cornerstone of the relationship between brands and consumers. Where it was enough to deploy a cameraman or a video editor in the past,  it is essential to invest in social media, 360 ° videos, drones footage, or virtual reality (VR) today.


We offer any combination of these tools as solutions to your business needs no matter your target.  We keep our team small in scale to ensure that your experience with Charles n Richard is personal, while our extended network is made up of experts with whom we have worked closely for years. We will onboard these niche video specialists to suit your business’ needs when necessary. Our relationships with freelancers provide us with flexibility and resources comparable to those of a large agency, but our competitive fees and agility are incomparable.


As videographers, we are committed to producing inventive high-resolution images. We mobilize all of our skills to offer tailor-made solutions that align with your messages and values. To do this, we ask you to fill out a creative brief that will help us understand your idea, starting with the concept phase, through establishing your goals whether it be to generate sales, increase brand awareness, or engage your target audience.


In order for us to guarantee a quick and successful project, we prefer to help bring your vision into a reality starting with the ideation phase. We will continue to advise and support you with attention and nuanced consultation from the creative process and throughout the implementation of the communication strategy. Our goal is to build a relationship founded in trust and accountability by providing you a dedicated contact that will monitor the entire project until completion.


This close relationship allows us to fully measure the stakes of your projects and provide effective turnkey solutions.


Lean on our performances regarding quality, regarding costs and of deadlines to make of Charles n Richard the ideal partner for the realization of your projects.

We worked with numerous companies stemming from varied business sectors such as the tourism, the sport, the computing, the fashion, the design: in particular Groupama, L'Oréal, Best Western, The Ministries of Justice and the French Farming, Jean-Louis David, San Marina, Canal+, Acer, IPGMB, MSI, Avaaz …

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